Each product, each service that Cora Trade Center offers is measured by the highest quality standards so that each experience of our clients can be unique.

We`re persevering in what we do and we`re always looking for the best solutions for our clients. We fight to always reach the highest quality standards and we want each service pack we offer our clients to be a complex one, suiting their specific needs.

Cora Trade Center`s priority is that every client, supplier or partner get exactly what each team member has promised from the first interaction. We rely on promptness and keeping our word.


How do I buy from Cora Trade Center?

For any offer requests, you can contact us on our e-mail address office@ectc.ro. Our list of products can be found in the Catalogues section, where you can access the codes and visualize them. Also, after agreeing on a price offer, you as a company will be redirected to our B2B platform. If you are an individual client, you can access our online store.


What does a collaboration with the company offer me?

In our company you will find the safety of a long-term quality partnership, promptness in interacting with our Cora Trade Center representatives, counselling in solving any requests and staff members with specific competences.


Under what circumstances can I buy on term of payment?

Cora Trade Center`s collaboration policy allows terms of payment adapted to the solicitor`s financial situation according to COFACE reports, monthly or annually estimated stock turnovers, product portfolio and market recommendations.


How can I get the price offer associated with the Catalogue?

For this purpose, we recommend you send your inquiry to office@ectc.ro. It will be redirected to a Cora Trade Center sales representatives, who will discuss with you the list of products you take interest in and the associated financial offer.

Where can I visualize the product catalogue?

The Cora Trade Center Catalogue can be visualized online, in a flipping page format, by accessing the following link: www.ectc.ro/catalog