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13 years of activity. 5 business lines. 1 team

13 years of evolution.

In 2017, after 12 years of activity, Cora Trade Center reinvents itself under the concept of “a Business friendly company” based on friendship and business confidence.

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5 distinct but connected business lines.

The development stages of the company had as a starting point office automation and stationary, also witnessing an upward trend through the printing line, machinery and packaging supplies. These were connected with consumables, IT service & equipment, work safety equipment, and last but not least, cleaning solutions.

Objective. Vision.

Objective> Helping local, national and international business communities to streamline their work through solutions that provide a safe, smart, convenient and enjoyable work environment.

Vision> Achieving first place, leading the Romanian appreciation market for the entire business line system in which the company operates.


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Complete and integrated solutions
From the point of view of our collaborators, Cora Trade Center streamlines the working process through complete and integrated solutions with the help of a qualified team which is constantly trained in the most varied fields of activity.
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Long term relationships
The focus is on building partnerships that can provide a better future for the current and future generations.
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Respected promises
Regardless of the services within the portfolio, the promises are honored, under the conditions established at the beginning, by each party.

Cora Trade Center


The constant desire for organization, development and own efficiency resulted in the construction of three sub-brands:

The project debuted due to our partners high requirements for customized stationery products. Today, the range has expanded also towards the office and archiving area, two lines being part of the portfolio. 1. Basic, comprising personalized templates;<br /> and Alba Carolina, inspired by the beauty of the largest fortress in Romania, Alba Carolina Fortress, a historical landmark in the city where Cora Trade Center started its activity: Alba Iulia
The growing appreciation of the quality of products offered by Cora Trade Center from its partners had determined its management to come up with a new market approach regarding the store CTC STORE. Thus, the brands marketed until now in the B2B regime are now used by thousands of individual customers. Opened in 2015 in Alba Mall, CTC STORE is a project in which resources are invested in order to become a name in other parts of the country as well.
Kangoopack.com comes as a support for partners, providing both information on packaging machinery, technical assistance, and supplies for them. In addition, it can be a real support for industrial distributors and transporters, and not only, due to the portfolio which contains internationally renowned products. These include GG Machine, Haloila, Pactur, Elena Marchetti or Effe3Ti, for the latter the company being the only distributor in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Hungary.


"Throughout this collaboration with Cora Trade Center we appreciated the company's involvement and at the same time the prices reflecting the quality of the products and services offered by the representatives. "
“Albalact has been using these automatic and semi-automatic machines for packaging our distributed products for years. Cora Trade Center has replaced our old wrapping machines with new ones, with a pre-stretch group of machines which are more efficient and have substantially reduced the cost of packaging. We currently have 5 wrapping machines S300 TP with which we are extremely pleased. In addition to their proven effectiveness, these machines also help to increase safety during transportation, as a result of quality wrapping.”
“Collaboration with Cora Trade Center has begun over 10 years ago, hoping that it’s beneficial for both parties, we would like it to continue. It's a sincere collaboration, based on trust.”

A partnership based on evolution and efficiency

“We come with the promise to offer support to all of our partners, providing complete solutions to their problems, relying on continuous improvement.”

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