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    11 years of CTC

    Today, on the 12th of December, Cora Trade Center celebrates 11 years of activity.

    11 years full of perseverance, hard work and the wish of giving back to their partners good quality products and the need to be different.

    „In time, everything went in the right direction, that we all wanted. Positive results quickly appeared and the philosophy we had from the beginning is the one we have today: all the profit we make now, we want it to be invested in the company and our continuous development.” – Mariel Petric – Managing Partner

    „Our whole business was developed so we could be close to our city and its citizens, in order to invest and spend what we earn in our home town. We are a company which, every time it was necessary, we reached, firstly, our local partners,  for help.” – Cosmin Stanciu, Managing Partner

    „We are delighted because of these 11 years, because the value and the beauty they brought.” – Radu Bartoș, Managing Partner

    We thank everybody for being there for us and for supporting us through all these 11 years.