The Pelikan Toledo

    CTC Store is the place where our clients discover quality, diversity and of course the mastery of luxurious handwriting objects. It brought closer to its clients the refined work and the finess of Spanish writings. The Pelikan Toledo is a statement pen, one that should be on every respectable businessman`s office desk. Carefully designed with Damascus steel, this pen is truly a work of art being engraved with mastery and devotion by specialists. Plated with gold, it was created with a special technique brought by the Arabs in Spain. The steel is heated at 800 Celsius degrees until it gets black and the engraving turns into a shining one.

    Pelikan adopted this technique in 1931, the pen being made in Germany. The engraved models for it are handmade, for this reason a longer time is needed for the final product to be finished. Only 200 of this pens are handmade in a month.

    Today, CTC Store, sold its first Pelikan Toledo luxourius pen, bringing on the desk of a passionate handwrinting person a work of art and a piece of the calligraphy history.