The first winner of the Love Mounth campaign, at CTC Store

    Hello! It’s nice meeting you. Bogdan, I will ask you a few questions about CTC Store.

    1. R: What made you come to us, at CTC Store?

    Bogdan Gavrila:

    I was excited that there is an alternative to Diverta. I am very pleased that we have another office supplies store, and moreover, it’s a local company. I read a bit it’s history and it developed strongly through the years. I’m glad it’s from Alba.

    2. R: How was your interaction with our personel from CTC Store?

    Bogdan Gavrila:

    They really helped me and I made them search a lot the wearhouse and the shelves, so they could show me their agendas. They were super cool. They’ve helped me with everything I needed.

    3. R: How did you hear about us?

    Bogdan Gavrila:

    I knew it existed (n.r. Cora Trade Center). I knew the CTC cars, which I saw around the city, which are beautifully and non-agressiv customized.

    4. R: Would you come again?

    Bogdan Gavrila:

    Yes, I would come again. I’ve also bought from CTC business to business before and it was ok. The personel was great, even in the wearhouse. This is how the private sector should be.

    R: Thank you Bogdan and we are glad you came to us!

    Bogdan Gavrila: Thank you!