Ten years of Cora Trade Center

    Yesterday, 9th December, at Transilvania Hotel, in the Apulum Hall, took place the conference „10 years of Cora Trade Center”. The purpose of this conference was to thank the local community for its support and involvement in the evolution of Cora Trade Center.

    During 10 years of activity, the company developed a brand which is ranked today among the first five office supplies distributors in Romania and became the only distributor of the Effe3ti machines in Romania, Republic of Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

    „We started in 2005 with a small loan, taken into our own name, with the purpose to assure the first steps for our beginning. It was a sum of 10.000 euros. In 2015 we celebrate our evolution as indiviuals, as a team, as a team and also as a business. We are pleased about these 10 years , because of the value and beauty we brought. We opened CTC Store to repay Alba Iulia’s community with our products and services. It was a project outside our business area. We can now give back to individual clients as well.”, said Radu Bartos.

    „In time, things went on the right direction. The positive results didn’t stop coming and the philosophy we chose at the beginning is still the same: we want our proft to be invested in the continously development of our company. There is an enormous potential in what we do, there are things and services that we offer and make us different from the other and we believe in these things. During these 10 years, we invested 1 million euros. In 2014 we had a financial value of 7,5 million euros and we estimate that the end of 2015 will bring us next the sum of 9 million euros., for the entire firm group. Right now, we are ranked in the top 5 firms in our domain. (n.r. office supplies). We aim to keep the growth trend. We estimate that in 2016 we’ll reach a financial value of 10 million euros. The market is very divided. The big pleyers lost the market share against the small players who are very flexible and innovative”, said Mariel Petric.

    „Our entire business was created to stick next to our town and its citizens and we want to invest and spend in order to produce in our city. We are a firm which, every time it was necessary, we reached our partners in Alba Iulia, even tough we had better offers from other parts of the country. We tried to buy our machines from Alba, to build things with Alba Iulia’s companies, do different activities in our area, so the money will remain in our county. This year we opened a store. Our domain was focused on distribution, so we decided, this spring, after a long discussion, to offer our community this quality sector. The office supplies sector doesn’t imply cheap products but quality and innovative products, that bring joy to children. We concentrate on quality products. In the 10th year we want to turn towards our community, because we think our evolution couldn’t be that successful without the people who stood by us and supported us”, said Cosmin Stanciu.

    Cora Trade Center was founded in 2005 by Cosmin Stanciu and Radu Bartos, and, in 2013, Mariel Petric joined the management team.