Cora Trade Center Becomes a Microsoft Authorized EducationPartner

    Cora Trade Center earns distinction through commitment to academic customers.

    Alba Iulia, Alba, Romania, October 21st 2015, We love quality and we are different!, today announced it has become a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner(AEP), demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoftacademic customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft AEP authorization, partners must complete a test to prove their level of academic licensing and market expertise.

    The AEP program is designed to train participating resellers on Microsoft’s Academic licensing, authorizing them to purchase and resell Microsoft Academic licenses, and demonstrate to potential customers that they are approved and knowledgeable academic partners.

    Cora Trade Center (CTC) is the company for the clients who appreciate quality and who are always searching for special products and services and the latest technologies in their own fields. CTC is active on the office supplies market for 10 years and adds to its portfolio services like printing, IT service and luxury articles. The experience and the passion for the things made with patience and dedication are the ground to a business in continuously growth.

    “This Microsoft AEP authorization shows our commitment and specialism in the academic IT marketplace and demonstrates our knowledge of Microsoft and its academic products,” said Radu Bartos, managing partner. “We hope to accelerate our academic customers’ successes by serving as technology advisors for their IT requirements.”

    “By becoming AEPs, partners show themselves to be committed and trained in providing discounted Microsoft academic products to the education market,” said Anthony Salcito, vice president of Education for Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector. “This authorization, along with our other education partner initiatives, gives our partners recognition of their areas of expertise and our academic customers the confidence that they are buying from academic IT specialists.”

    The Microsoft AEP Program is designed to authorize and equip organizations that deliver academic products and services through the Microsoft platform with the training, resources and support they need to provide their customers with superior experiences and outcomes.

    Cora Trade Center is always present in the lives of its clients, through personalized, alternative and last generation solutions and methods created for their own needs. Over 1000 clients from Romania

    benefited, during 10 years of existence, from CTC’s experience and the continuous will for perfection. Cora Trade Center refers to specialists in the field, solutions for the clients’ needs and support in the development of other companies.