The first CTC Store

    Cora Trade Center opened on Saturday, 11th July, the first presentation store, CTC Store, for office supplies, in Alba Mall. The guests were welcomed with champagne, sweets and cutbacks for all the products.

    „There are 10 years since Cora Trade Center dedicated its activity to distributing office supplies, nationally. We decide to open a presentation store in our hometown, where we can present our products and also the products of other global brands.”, said Cosmin Stanciu, managing partner CTC.

    The ones who came to CTC Store found a large spectrum of products like office supplies, backpacks, school supplies and other products that stimulate the creativity of the children.

    „We decided to take it to another level. Until now, in these ten years, we dedicated our activity to companies and we decided to innitiate a new project now, in which we open a store especially for the individual clients, which we wanted to have the same policy we had during these past years, in which we put first the need of our client and we tried to bring new products, innovative products, special products, European and international products.”, said Mariel Petric, managing partner.

    During the weekend 11-12th July, Cora Trade Center representatives prepared for their visitors cutbacks for up to 30%, for the products found in their new store, which is located on the hall to the cinema, in Alba Mall.