ErichKrause Conference – 20 years

    On 23rd September 2014 we were honored to be present at the International Erich Krause Conference, organized by our partners, which took place at the World Trade Center in Moscow and celebrated 20 years of innovation and progress, in Russia, at global level.

    Cora Trade Center, as a strategic partner in the development of this brand in Romania, was represented by all three members of the management board and told us after their return, the following:

    „This is the second conference we take part at and we confess that we are significantly impressed by the evolution of our partner and our partnership. It is more and more obvious that Erich Krause, business leader in Russia, is growing this fast in the other parts of the Globe, expansion in which Cora Trade Center has a key role on the Romanian market.”

    After 20 year of activity Erich Krause managed to bring together more than 600 partners from all the regions in Russia and also from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, United Emirates, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Lebanon or other countries from Latin America.

    Among the projects that were presented we mention Artberry, now present in Romania through Cora Trade Center. Very briefly, this brand incorporates products that are destined to develop children’s creativity and to increase each time the importance of their quality. With Artberry products, children can color or model without the fear of breaking the pencil’s tip or the care for toxic ingredients. Teacher from the kindergarten who used their product with kids told us that these ones will always be on the first place.

    The event presented a few innovative products for the next season, new products and development strategies. The night continued with a great show in which Erich Krause invited numerous Russian guests and the surprise guest, Boney M.

    Echipa CTC cu Boney M la Conferinta Erich Krause - 20 de ani

    Through this event, we were again convinced that Erich Krause is a brand of quality products which will be always liked by the kids or by the ones working at a desk.